About Us

Who Are We?

Society portrays us as self-entiled, victim-card-playing, full-size babies.  

Doesn't sound like you?

You're not alone. 


We are "entitled" to it, right?       No. 

We go get it, work on all sides, share wisdom and promote a fresh, emboldened new body; all with a taste of class.

Time to Revive Our Reputation

As the "Snowflake" generation, we have deemed it time to show courage. 

We are your first volunteers to lead the Pro-2nd Amendment Millennial onset.

Ways We Go On The Offensive

We attend, create and reinforce 2A events. We train and learn from Veterans, LEOs and experienced gun owners. We extend our hand to those uninformed, yet curious. We share our knowledge and always accept new wisdom.

Sure; we disagree on a lot. Fight on social media like keyboard warriors and maybe get triggered, as they say.  However, as unique as any generation, our right to self defense is what bonds and has expanded us.

Tired of waiting for someone to step up? We were, so here we are. Here is where we debunk commonly lied about, miscommunicated and plainly WRONG information projected by some guy on social media. 

The Facts And The Fiction

Check in for news updates, credible sources and (most importantly) TRIGGERING content. 

Don't expect any "warnings". 

This is a team effort

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue our rapid mobilizations and  cooperative efforts.  Let's step it up. 

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Contact Us

We admit it, we're on our phones a lot, we'll get your message...

Feel free to reach out, ask a question, offer feedback or suggestions and anything else that comes to mind.  No worries from us, this is a FREE SPEECH Zone.

-Triggered Millennials

The World Belongs To The Bold

An Avalanche

Keep up with our live feeds, interviews, how-to's and real news.  There's a war going on, don't miss it.

A Little Birdy

Tell us what you think.  How are we doing?  Look for alerts, news; maybe a meme.  Let's outnumber the mainstream and be heard.


We don't have followers, only strong willed leaders. Expect unconventional ideas, triggering posts and no detergent pods.