The Avalanche


Some of our range officers and friends.

Our organization consists of Active Duty, War Veterans, Law Enforcement, passionate gun owners and energized activists.


Who says gun owners are uneducated? We attend or have graduated from Universities of all kinds, with degrees in every major.


Together we have worked with College Republicans, Democrats, “Pro 2A” and Gun Control groups.  This is not a partisan issue; we really just want to enjoy our hobby and teach others who are curious.


Staying active is fundamental to growth.  We are onsetting our cause at events nationwide.

With the Times

Our social media pages, interviews and tutorials keep our younger generations, Y and Z, armed to the teeth with knowledge.

Your "Average Joe"

We proved to ourselves we don't need a news station or billions of dollars to learn and experience the truth. This RIGHT, is for everyone, let’s learn together.

Who Are We?

We are Millennials, grown up and have grown tired of suffering the constant attempts to demonize our 2nd Amendment.

We may be labeled Snowflakes, keyboard warriors, claim various religions, identify with warring parties and disagree on any other topic across the spectrum; but we stand together here. 

We're reachable, we're energ and we understand. Reach out if you have questions/ comments, want a topic covered or even meet up at an event.

We are Millennials, and to no surprise, we are Triggered, but with no safe space.

What about you?

Contact Us

We admit it, we're on our phones a lot, we'll get your message...

Feel free to reach out, ask a question, offer feedback or suggestions and anything else that comes to mind.  No worries from us, this is a FREE SPEECH Zone.

- Triggered Millennials